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My Good friend Did the Coolest Factor at Her Dinner Birthday party

June 29, 2021

Numerous years previously, my friend Liz invited a few girls over to her apartment, and I’ll at all times have in mind what happened next…

Once we hung out in her living room eating gooey cheese and a crusty baguette, she ushered us over to the consuming table. On each and every specific individual’s plate used to be a small piece of paper. As we appeared further carefully, we discovered she had written acrostic poems for each and every people. If that sounds almost certainly cheesy or babyish, let me assist you to know: it used to be SO stunning.

Right here’s what mine mentioned:
Join her
Open e guide
All are welcome
No pretense, a
Natural in
All she is + cares for

How beautiful is that?! I was in reality touched. Once I won living, I taped it up in our kitchen, where it has stayed for the former 5 years. Each time I see it, I in reality really feel a wave of love for her and so thankful to be noticed in this method.

Aren’t acrostic poems a gorgeous — and easy — idea? Would you do this for your buddies? I loved it so much.

P.S. A dinner party conversation starter, and why am I merely finding potlucks?

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